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Plus, One Click Upload to YouTube (as shown in video above)

Unlock the Power of the Fastest Growing Social Video Platform By Solving Its Big Problem

There is no doubt about it - Periscope has skyrocketed in popularity since its debut in early 2015. It took a mere 10 days for Periscope to accomplish what Facebook did in 10 months, and what Twitter did in 2 years!!
No wonder Apple officially declared Periscope to be the #1 app of 2015,  and it looks set to keep dominating well into 2016 and beyond!
So there is no question – if you are serious about marketing, you need to get in on the ground floor of this fast growing social network. After all, video is considered the most successful type of web content. A full 68 percent of B2Bs and 73 percent of B2Cs say videos are the most effective tools in their web marketing belts:
However, Periscope has one flaw that has held a lot of marketers back -

Periscope's Big Problem ... Solved!

Before Scope Freak, You Only Had 24 Hours to Watch A Periscope Video Before it Self Destructs

For the longest time, every single Periscope video is only available for 24 hours after its initial broadcast. Take a look at this post from a marketer on Facebook:
Well guess what – there IS now an easy way to export the Periscope content - Scope Freak to the rescue. No longer are you forced to consume the content on Periscope's terms.

With Scope Freak, any Periscope video, whether yours, or someone else you follow (like the person in the excerpt above), can be instantly downloaded and saved onto your local computer for future reference or for repurposing.

Download and Save Any Periscope Video of Any Length

  • Download your own Periscope video or any other Periscope video by someone else
  • Simple 3-step process makes this as brainless as possible
  • Progress bar shows you exactly how much of the video has been downloaded so far

The Original Raw High Quality Video File is Downloaded

Scope Freak does not do screen capture of the Periscope video - it downloads the original source file of the Periscope video, ensuring no loss of quality whatsoever! 
This also means that Scope Freak is fast as opposed to screen capture solutions which take the same amount of time to record as playback. In contrast, Scope Freak's speed is limited only by the speed of your internet connection.

Upload To YouTube in ONE CLICK and  CURATE as You See Fit

  • One click upload to your channel makes this the simplest to use Periscope video uploader on the planet
  • This is ideal for video curation to populate your blog or Facebook page quickly

Scope Freak - The One and Only Periscope Video Downloader


Who's Using Scope Freak?

Abhi Dwivedi
Professional Internet Marketer
Periscope is the next big thing. With millions of users in just under a
month, they are the fastest growing social network ever! So when someone
shares a piece of content (video live streaming) there, it ought to
be good and that's where Scope Freak saves the day... by letting you save
and download that video which Periscope removed after 24 hours, giving
your tons of video content to curate. Content that is GOLD. Scope Freak
is a lifesaver!
Ron Douglas
NY Times Bestselling Author
Video always Boosts engagement & in-turn drives Traffic. With Scope Freak you can now quickly have 'New & Fresh' video content to easily engage audiences in any niche and Curate into your Social Media & Blogs as you see fit.  Even for your Clients! Traffic brings in Leads which eventually convert to MORE $$$ for your Business!  To top it off... This software is SO Easy to Use! Must Have.

Only Pay a One Time Fee with Lifetime Support

Your Investment is Totally Risk Free With Our 100% Satisfaction Policy

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your investment into Scope Freak. So here is our "no quibble", iron clad guarantee. If you download the software and it doesn't carry out every feature we have demonstrated in an easy to use fashion, just post a refund request on our Support Desk and we'll issue you with a prompt and courteous refund. Simple as that!
Scope Freak Basic Standard Price: $37/month
Scope Freak Pro Standard Price: $97/month
Limited Launch Deal:
One-Time Access Fee
Basic: $27
Pro: $37
Hurry! Price goes up with every sale.
Download any Periscope video
One-click upload to YouTube
Keep periscope video for as long as you want
MAC/PC compatible
Video Training
Free updates for life
30 day guarantee if it does not work
Periscope Video Magic Bonus Training (see below)
Scope Freak Bonus Software (see below)
YouTube Ninja Booster Bonus (see below)
Multiple computer installations
Number of computers to install on

PLUS, Get Your Hands On These Launch-Only Bonuses Worth Up To $231 For FREE

Bonus #1: Periscope Video Magic (Value $67)
(This is for both Basic and Pro customers) 

Videos you download using Scope Freak can be instantly shared online without further work. However if you want to put in some extra effort and get that extra magical edge, then this bonus is for you.

This video training will show you how to use 100% free tools to do the following:

Bonus #2: Sneaky Scope Software (Value $67)
(Only for Pro Customers) 

This exclusive software for both PC and Mac lets you uncover the periscope profile page of the person whose video you are watching, so that you can check out his or her other replays and download them with Scope Freak. 

Bonus #3: YouTube Ninja Booster (Value $97)
(Only for Pro Customers) 

This is a little-known ninja tactic that can help you rank your YouTube videos very quickly (yes sometimes in less than 10 minutes after upload!) on the Google search engine to really help you dominate!

Who Else is Using Scope Freak?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scope Freak Compatible with both Mac and Windows system?
Yes 100%. You can download the installer of your choice. We have installers for both PC and MAC in the download area.
Is there any monthly cost due with Scope Freak?
No. Once you 'lock in' today you will never need to pay ever again. 
Is Scope Freak web-based or downloadable?
The software is downloadable from our secure Members Area; it requires an internet connection when logging into the software.
What kind of support do I get after purchase?
We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We have a proven track record of constantly supporting our customers since 2012.
What do the licenses mean?
Each license allows you to install Scope Freak on one computer. You can install on a maximum of 3 computers. Once you reach the maximum of 3, you can deactivate on one computer to free up a license to use on another.
Can I really keep any video I download from Periscope?
Yes 100%. Unlike some services that only store the video for you in the cloud, Scope Freak downloads the file right onto your computer, so you are then free to do what you want with it - edit, rotate, annotate etc.
Is this legal?
Sure. When you grab the video file of your own periscope replay, you can do whatever you want with it since it is yours. If you grab other people's videos for curation purposes, give them credit for it. Curation is a powerful strategy that embraces the sharing nature of the web, and the smartest marketers do it all the time.
Does Scope Freak do a screen capture of the video?
No! Anybody can do screen capture with their existing screen capture software already. What Scope Freak does is to give you the raw source video file that you can then use to add more value. Let's say you annotate it, or add captions, or add your own commentary on top of what someone else says in the video - Scope Freak makes this possible.